This day we are reminded that the greatest love is to lay down your life for another. We are thankful to all people who are risking their lives to protect ours.

Today we are spending some of our time in Las Vegas making care packages to send to our troops overseas. We will be working with anysoldier.com This site posts the needs and locations of soldiers overseas that we can support and send letters and packages to. Our soldiers are serving us everyday so that we can live the lives we live. Too often we forget all about them. At least I know I do.

Going on the site and viewing all the men and women who have died in service really hit home with me today. I didn't realize the sacrifice that was being made. It's heart wrenching. These guys are my age. I guess I just don't think about it. I know I don't keep up on the news enough.

They've given so much. They sacrifice their lives everyday. I think we should all find ways to give back.

Here is a video that talks about how to create care packages if you are interested in joining us with this cause.

We will update later with pictures of the packages and letters we write, plus more about our adventures in Las Vegas! <3 Stan



Stanley here.

We've been doing some of our traveling along Route 66. Its been gorgeous. :)

 Historic Route 66 is no longer displayed on most road maps but it used to be America's main street.  If you were going across the country for the family Road trip, this was it.  The road was bustling 40 years ago. Gas Stations, diners, motels, small town culture, friendly faces, and beautiful countryside.  It was America. 

Unfortunately today, Route 66 has been forgotten.  People flock to the bigger interstates.  It makes sense.  That's progress.  Right?  New roads go up and people travel whatever route will be the quickest, the most convenient.  Route 66 has mostly died.  It only lives as a novelty sentiment.  It's now abandoned building, empty motels, and rusting gas stations.

I think its a sad reflection on our culture.  We often go for whatever is most convenient.  What is the fastest route?  What will get me where I need to be the easiest?   Our country has chosen the Interstate 40 lifestyle.  I think we need to go back to the Route 66 pace.  

Things move so quickly in our society that we often forget to take the time to meet people.  Take time to start up a conversation with someone.   Invest into them.  I want to be more interested in others than I am in myself.  This trip is helping me to see people as more important.  It's helping me to make the little sacrifices.  I want to love my family more.   I want to let people cut me off on the high way and not get upset.

Route 66 was so much fun.  We took some time to enjoy the beauty of the old buildings.  I love the bright colors against the bleak landscape.  We ate at a diner at the midpoint of 66, 1139 miles from LA, and 1139 miles from chicago.

The best part of this trip has been meeting people.  People are so precious.  Everyone has something beautiful to offer and to learn from.  I think everyone wants a friend.  They want to be listened to and loved.  We met some people at the hostel who's reservation got all mixed up.  They had one bed at the hostel we were staying at when they were supposed to have two.  It was gonna split them up, so I offered to let the guy have my bed and I went to stay at another place.  Suddenly we had some new friends.  People notice when you make sacrifices for them.  I didn't feel like doing it, but once I did it felt so good.

On top of that, at the other hostel I made some new friends, Timo and Phillip.  They are from Germany and were also traveling the US.  They offered to let us stay at their campsite in the Grand Canyon.  On memorial weekend it is impossible to get a campsite there.  It was great!  We saw a gorgeous sunset and then shared stories and laughs around the campfire.  It was so cool how it all worked out.  Giving up my bed ended up getting us two new friends and a great night of camping.  Its sort of a what comes around goes around story.  :)

  Sometimes spreading love is just making new friends and taking the time to listen to people.  I know it doesn't seem significant, but our world needs more of it.

PS- here is an extra photo of me and jason I found as we were modeling our love.each.one.shirts.   :)  very funny   

<3 Stan