The Show

it finally happened!
after a lot of waiting, planning, creating, and hoping we finally had our love each one show.

morning of we found out that the space we were planning to use would be covered by a tent, which was unexpected but we were like ok yeah, we can work with that.

then when we got there to set up we discovered it was full of tables and chairs that were packed in basically back to back.  it didn't look like there was any space for us at all, unless we moved everything from underneath the tent.

so we set to work.  we were literally setting up the space right down to the last second.  honestly there were moments when i thought, "oh man, how is this going to work?"  but we just kept going.

the most amazing thing through the whole process of getting ready for the show and then having it was our friends.  they were all sooo willing to help us.  they helped us print pages for books, glue the books together, spray paint tshirts, bake treats, move tables and chairs, frame love definitions, burn dvds and make cases for them, and advertise around campus and sarasota.  there is absolutely no way we could have done this show without their help.  we love you guys so much!

for those of you who weren't able to make it..... we wanted to let you know that we will have more photos online soon (i'm just sorting through everything), we will also be making a pdf version of the book available online, and IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FREE DVD OF THE DOCUMENTARY AND LOVE DEFINITIONS shoot us an email at loveeachone@gmail.com with your name and address and we would be more than happy to send one (or multiple if you like) your way!

and if you're wondering.... there is a future of love each one, it doesn't just end here.  we've got a lot of ideas and hopes and we totally welcome yours too.  IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR THE FUTURE OF LOVE EACH ONE send us an email to the address above, we would love to hear your thoughts :)

more to come soon!
till then, happy sunday :)