what day is it?

i believe i am becoming mildly addicted to the life of a gypsy. its so wonderful to just go... figure out where you're sleeping whenever.... meet all kinds of lovely people.... it feels like the end of summer camp every time we leave a city. i think about the friends i've made at our various stops every day :)

one of the things i've learned through our gypsy lifestyle is to live in the moment. don't wish things away. see beauty in everything. i've always leaned in this direction... but now i believe i may have fallen all the way in.

we were in albuquerque a little while ago... i can't remember what day that was. the sunset was absolutely amazing. i could not take my eyes away from it, i just wanted to stare at it.

i fell in love with the deep blues that changed as quickly as the ocean tide. the flaming orange sun was like the crescendo of a deeeep soul filled melody, the kind that makes your belly drop and your mind fall into a state of enchantment as you wait expectantly for each new note. the purple and pink were the harmony that blended the shifting blues and oranges. there was a foggy texture in the air and the sky seemed almost tangible.

i was so caught up in the moment of it all as we stood outside of walmart i nearly forgot why we were even there and that i really needed to use the bathroom and that someone might want to park in the spot next to us. by the time we left walmart it was dark and my eyes were sad that the splendor had passed on. but for that moment i had been struck, there was nothing else.

i want to be so moment focused that when i am talking with people my full attention is on them. i'm not thinking about how my left foot huts and i want to sit down or how my stomach has been growling for the last 20 minutes or how i would rather talk to the person across the room. you are important, what you're saying is important, i am fully listening to you, i am not distracted. people are beautiful.

we are in lovely los angeles california now!

yesterday we were in burbank where we visited disney friends and ate at a reallyy cool place called barnies beanery.... where we got to play guitar hero! i really like that game :) only it makes my eyes water really bad from staring at the tv so intently.

then we stayed with an old ringling friend and it was fun to reconnect :) wednesday morning we woke up and headed over to the Los Angeles Dream Center, dreamcenter.org

they own an awesome building, it used to be a hospital, that houses all of their different outreach programs and everything. we worked with a program called hope for homeless youth, our leader Clint led us to hollywood blvd where we were supposed to be reaching out at this youth center and passing out lunches and praying with people....

it turned out that we weren't going to be allowed into that facility so we ended up splitting into groups. the whole was made up of the 4 of us and 5 members of this awesome family from denmark. jason, daniella (one of the daughters in the family), and i were a group. we headed down hollywood blvd and at first it was pretty darn intimidating... no one seemed to want any food or prayer but we kept walking... we ended up getting to talk to a number of people and give them some lunch including this one guy, SG, who was a writer.... i noticed him first by the large cardboard sign he had prop-ed up next to him.....

that was really cool..... i told him about what we were doing and gave him a card and he agreed to write down his definition of love. i also met a woman named cornbread and she was wearing all these different rings on her hands.... she told me where she had gotten each of them from, they were each a story about a certain person in her life.

the family from denmark we were working with, the Anderssons, were so much fun! after we finished up at the dream center we invited them out to dinner with us. it was really cool talking with them and hearing about denmark! they said we are welcome to visit them any time.... we just might take them up on that offer... love.each.one 2: europe ;)

all in all it was a wonderful day to practice living in the moment :) and as usual i am up much much too late... in just a little bit we will be on our way to disneyland!

goodnight and peaceful sleeping from la :)