the beauty of living in the moment

so we took off today
with all intention of making it to Redding.


our once again unexpected friend, Traffic, caused us to move slower than... me :P

We made it across the bridge after what seemed like forever, where moooore traffic awaited us, Gingy was ready for a second bathroom break and I was feeling rather hungry.

(this picture does not display the traffic we ran into today, clearlyy)

Conveniently the next exit was to Stan and Mikey's new place :D

so we pulled off and discovered they had just sat down for dinner at the "Can't Fail Cafe" and decided to join them. In the end we just decided to push everything back a day and stay here so we can get an early start tomorrow.

right now the boys are watching the movie Sunset Boulevard, Ginger's sippin tea and I'm going to be eating ramen.

tomorrow we'll cover more ground. Today was very nice even if we didn't make it to Redding. We ate lunch with Stevie and Lindsey, got some free food, and lots of lovin hugs :) met Mike R over dinner, helped the boys get much needed supplies from Target,
and enjoyed their company for a bit longer (as you can see from Jason's face.. :P)

We've been in the San Fran-ish area for five nights now. It feels like forever. It's been really nice to see friends and share stories and things we've learned. I feel a bit repetitive cause the basic thing we've learned is very simple. Love is not a feeling, it's a decision. It's a simply message that takes a lot of very conscious effort to exercise in one's life.

I think a lot of things are decisions. More things than a lot of people realize. You have to decided to be happy, or to eat healthy, or to get sleep, or to learn how to do something. I admit that I feel like I've been lazy in the past. The commitment required in doing something, or learning something seemed a bit too boring/routine to me, so I avoided it. But at the same time I realize I admire the people that can say they're going to learn French, then turn around and learn French. Their self discipline is so attractive. So that is a new goal for this summer as well. I will grow to be more self-disciplined. It goes hand-in-hand with walking in love :)

We haven't done a lot of random acts of love recently. We did pay a toll for a few people, which was funn! but not much else. This stop is different. It's been more about individuals we know, rather than individuals we just haven't had to pleasure of meeting yet. Both are fun to love on and spend time with <3

To end my post I leave you with an LA sunset from a fire escape off the Dream Center.

happy dreams