vegas pictures!

night out on the town.....
there are sooo many wedding chapels in vegas.... even drive through ones
we didn't get to see any weddings happen, but we did get to talk to a girl who worked in one of the chapels and she told us how it all worked.... its very interesting.... she was really fun to talk to though, she was studying interior design so she spoke our art language :) we drove by all of the well known casinos.... they are so huge, its such an interesting sight to see... we ate at the hard rock cafe and there were all these quotes about love on the walls more exploring heres the inside of the bellagio ..... i just thought this was pretty :)
its the most toned down of the casinos.... we waited by the bellagio fountain for like 40 minutes and they never started.... we were kind of disappointed... but i guess there's always oceans 11 :)
vegas isn't really our kind of place.... but we love the people just not everything that goes on there. good people watching.... so many people!