day 1 & 2 !!

it has officially started :DDD !!!! it's been a great first few days and it's been super awesome to see our vision for this trip become a reality. it's hard to believe it's been two-ish years since Ginger and I first started talking about traveling around the country talking to people about love and showing love to others.

and now it's happening :)

yesterday we stuck up our first LoveEachOne poster at Starbucks! and prepared for the journey ahead. today we were in Miami, Florida working with an orphanage called His House. they do some great work here and are currently preparing to house orphans coming from Haiti. we borrowed a uhaul and a truck to move some donations that they weren't able to take and moved other various things for around the orphanage. we really enjoyed meeting and working with the staff there :) todays been a good day. tomorrow we are off early early to get to Tennessee !!

i am so thankful for this day the Lord has made and all the things and people that we have yet to meet and talk to. but i gotta runnn... grab some milk to drink with the lovely birthday cake provided for Jason's birthday today.

happyhappybirthday mista j :)

<3 emilyy