today today I live for one thing...

Yesterday we were able to connect with the Road Home (http://www.theroadhome.org/) in Salt Lake City. They are doing some great stuff here! Their mission is to help homeless families and individuals to get off the streets and back into the community. We had discussed fixing dinner for them, but after we talked with the volunteer coordinator we found out it was too short notice. However we could still volunteer to help out in the Playroom later that night :) Since the dinner didn't work out we wanted to help in another way. So we found out that the Road Home asks for birthday bags to help the parents of kids who are celebrating birthdays. I think we all really loved the idea so we set out to Super Target to stock up.
The birthday bags were asked to be made up of things like cake mix, icing, brownies, disposable pans, candles, party favors, and gift cards. We compiled them all together this morning and will be dropping them off in just a few minutes :)

In the Playroom last night we were able to talk and play with a lot of different kids :D and they were superrrr cute. Some friends in the area came with us and at first seemed a bit overwhelmed. The room was full of very loud, very active kids ranging from ages 3 to 11. I think one of my favorite things to see was Jason and Avner awkwardly standing by themselves and talking when this little girl suddenly ran up and grabbed Jason's hand. She just stood there smiling at him, not saying anything. Haha the look on the boys faces was a mix of embarrassment, uncertainty, and obvious amusement. In the end everyone became more comfortable and we had some fun conversations with the kids. We also were sure to bring along some paper and crayons and ask the kids what love was to them. We got all kind of responses, from some very silly/joking ones, to some really beautiful genuine ones. Ging took a group picture of those we'll put up later. I'm so glad we'll have them for the art show :D

We'll now it's on the road again! Colorado here we come