moving on

please note: we will have more pictures up later! when we aren't running out the door

Yesterday we left Vegas. I can't say we were sad to see it go. I think Vegas was... more than we all expected. It was sad to see that money and women can consume peoples lives. I think we all agree we prefer the Vegas in Oceans 11 over the real thing.

Though I have to say Vegas did teach us that the Nevada sun can cook a hot dog pretty well :)

We arrived in LA yesterday just in time to say hello to a few of Stan's friends at Disney and look around :)

We got to eat dinner at a cool little place in Burbank and enjoyed a grilled veggie sandwich while playing some Guitar Hero. I explained to the waitress what it is we're doing and asked her if she could write down what love is to her. It's funny how differently people respond to that question :P Some people will stare at you like "How could I possibly answer a question that huge??" others will frown and laugh off the question, as if the love they once knew has caused them pain. But our waitress just paused briefly to hear the question and began writing. She smiled and handed me her answer before walking away. "Love is patient" it said. I've been thinking a lot about how love is patient. Patience is something I once very openly lacked. But I realize it's something I want. It's something I have chosen to chase after. To act in even when I don't want to. Because ultimately everything is a decision. Patience. Love.

Right now we are running off to go help at the Dream Center. It should be fun :) We'll do our best to post about it later tonight.