over the last year the idea of loving the individual has been on our minds and hearts. we realize how important people are. us. our friends. people we sit beside at Starbucks. everyone we drive past on our way to dinner.

we have also noticed in fast pace world that most people don't take time to reach out to individuals. We want people to stop allowing busyness to dictate their actions, to stop worrying about what others think, and to stop choosing to be apathetic.

the purpose of the Love Each One movement is to love the individual and challenge you to do the same.

we are traveling across the United States to discover what love is in our country and encourage people to show more of it in their daily lives. after the tour concludes and we have some time to soak in everything we will be having a gallery show in Miami and Sarasota. the show will be composed of all the videos, photographs, drawings, letters, and audio recordings we accumulate while traveling.

but this movement is not just about us. it's about you and it's about what you do to get involved.

we want you to know you can do this. all the equipment we will be using to photograph and record our travels are things we already have. and this blog - completely free. our traveling and actions of love have been made possible by a grant from The Davis Project for Peace, but you don't need money to reach out right where you are.

this blog is designed to allow you to follow along with us daily. we want you to be up to date on our tour and the people we've reached out to. we want to give you ideas, we want you to share your ideas with us, and we want to know what you've done.

you are the key to this movement. you right where you are. your decision to love can change someone's day. even someone's life.

you don't have to plant a well to make a difference, start the Red Cross, or travel to Africa. change starts today with the way you choose to act.

we invite you to join the movement