fireflies and free coffee

I have been driving a lot these last 2 days. I sort of fall into this solo zone while I’m driving… I’m listening to the music and intently focusing on the road. Early evening I was driving through Missouri and I’m staring straight ahead just watching the broken white line pass beneath us and the monotony of the green on both sides and I suddenly see this yellow speck… and then another… and another….

Eyes wide, I gasp, “ohhh!’

Emily, who is in the front seat beside me, is always very safety conscious so she responds with, “what is it?!”

“A lightning bug! There are lightning bugs, err fireflies? yeah fireflies, here! Oh I love fireflies! Look there’s another one! And another! Oh they are so cool! Why are they not everywhere?!” I ramble on in excitement.

Emily just shakes her head at me.

But I really do love those things, they are so interesting to me. I love the way they just surprise you. Appearing almost out of nowhere with such a small light, when the rest of the world is dark. And even though its small you can’t miss it. And when they are in groups they are even more exiting! I was thinking about how we are like fireflies in the world. With each act of love our light blinks. Together we sparkle more, and I don’t know about you but I find sparkly lights to be quite attractive :)

Earlier today we stopped at a starbucks to grab a frap for em and we spontaneously decided to pay for the girls in front of us… its always fun to ask people if we can pay for them. They always react in shock and surprise and then we go on to explain what we’re doing and the girls got really excited… it makes me even more excited about it! I hope they enjoyed their coffee and maybe we were able to inspire them to pass on the love.

Later Jason and I decided to stop at another starbucks, because we were on driving duty for the last leg of the trip to Cincinnati. We walk in and order and this really gentle and friendly older woman begins making our drinks. We start to hand her our money and she smiled and shook her head saying, “this ones on me.” We thanked her and headed back to the car talking about how it’s funny to be on the other side of generosity. Jason was saying how he just doesn’t really expect it and almost isn’t sure how to react. It makes you feel special and singled out. To be completely honest… as I was driving I wondered if maybe we would get free starbucks today… the other day I received a fortune cookie and my fortune read,

“you will receive unexpected support over the next week. Accept it graciously.”

I’m not one to believe every fortune…. But I thought that was kind of cool :)

I can’t wait to see whats coming in these next couple days!