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its been a couple days since we posted last... sorry about that! its so interesting how different each of our stops have been.... currently we are in cincinnati, ohio staying with jason's family... i love how being with someone's family helps you understand that person so much more :) its been really nice talking with his parents and his great aunt and siblings and friends.... we continue to find that showing love most frequently comes through listening.

tonight a couple of fun things stand out in my mind.... we were at walgreens and emily and i were waiting for jason and his sister kelsey to finnish up so we were up at the front and we started talking with the woman at the cash register.... she was really friendly and very interesting and as we told her about what we we doing and about our school and everything she very quickly opened up and told us all about her kids and her life... its so cool how when you take the time to listen people will really open up and share their lives and their stories with you. peoples hearts come out with their words.

just before we ended up at walgreens we had gone to get ice cream. we walked into graeters literally as they were turning off the "Open" sign. but the kids at the counter were very happy to serve us (even though we took forever trying to decide what to get! we taste tested at least 4 different flavors!). after we all had our ice cream and we were eating and talking i overheard them disappointedly counting the tip money and i thought, "oh! hey! do we have cash! we should give them our business cards and a big tip!" because they were super helpful and patient and friendly and they totally deserved a good tip. we gathered up some tip money and just as they were asking us to leave so they could lock up we went up to them to hand them the money and when the guy saw the amount he got so excited and started hugging us and stuff..... it was so much fun! i was so glad that we were able to share some love with them simply through smiles and a nice tip :)

tomorrow we are going to jason's grandfathers birthday party where we will be surrounded by a whole bunch of people... so that should give us lots of opportunities to ask peoples opinions/thoughts on love. its going to be a good day!

btw, if you haven't seen toy story 3 yet.... go see it!

good night and sweet dreams :) <3ginger

Thinking of you

dear friends, we miss you and we hope you're having lovely summers.... if we haven't found you along our travels yet then we will later! <3