Days...5-8? I think? Lol

Hello everyone!

Fear not, we are still alive! Lol between busy days and sparse Internet availability, our posting hasn't been as frequent as hoped. But here's a quick update of our ventures from my phone! :)

After leaving Knoxville, we drove over to Nashville to help with flood relief. We ended up hooking up with a local church and made plans to help sort sleeping bags and tents for the homeless who lost all they had in the flood. We hooked up with Kris and Bill from the joy fm in Sarasota who drove a bunch of tents and sleeping bag donations up from Florida.

Afterwards we hung out with a missionary we met for a couple hours, which was really cool.

At dinner we met these trendy Nashville guys, who invited us to a party later that night. We went, and had a lot of fun hanging out with the local crowd. We made some great friends, and it was sad to leave Nashville.

We then moved on to Shreveport yesterday. Today we went and checked out moonbot (awesome!) and then helped them put together an art exhibit on the 50th year anniversary of bubble wrap. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone here. After dinner, we went to William Joyces house and got to hang out with him and a few of the other moonbots.

Tomorrow morning we have to get up and leave by 7 to head off to Tulsa, Oklahoma for stans sister's graduation

So these are the highlights of what we've been up to. I obviously left a lot of details out, but we just wanted to give you guys a quick recap of the past few days.

Over the next few days Internet should be more readily available, which means more posts! Woot woot!

Thanks for all the prayers and support as we've travelled along. We've been very blessed so far by all the friends we've made and experiences we've encountered. I'm heading to bed now, but look forward to further posts over the next few days!

Cheers! :) Jason