baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more

"What people need is a good listening to."
- Mary Lou Casey

Today was full of a lot of listening.

Forgive me if this post is brief, we wanted to let you guys know how awesome our day was! but the next post will have much more of our thoughts, conversations, and pictures from the day.

We made it over to Nantucket this morning and were able to connect with a local nursing home. I thought it was so cool cause we just walked in and said we'd like to volunteer and they said what are you doing right now? So we were able to sit outside with some of the residents and talk with them one-on-one until dinner. One of our new friends, Sam, invited us to eat dinner with him :) and we got to hear lots of fun stories about his life and see his artwork. Afterwards we met up with our friend from school, Michelle. Her friends were really cool to meet and get to know. We got a lot of different opinions on love and more love stories recorded. When we made it back to the hostel tonight we ran into some of employees and were able to hear many more stories of love.

This trip has really shown me how important listening is.
Wether it's a grandmother who keeps asking me the same questions over and over or two silly friends we just met who are trying to discuss the different ways to view love (through a not super confusing example of being on top of a mountain, that seemed confusing to others:P).
All those people deserve my attention.
My time.
All those people matter.

Check back tomorrow for more lovely things :)
In the morning we are off the New Jersey!!