don't stop believin

Just last week I was able to go visit 'ol Stanley in California. The weather was beautiful, our adventuring was filled with wonders, and overall we had a super duper time. Stan had been telling me on the bus earlier that there was a guy that sat at the corner of Haight and Ashbury who would write you a poem about anything for a few bucks. We happened to see him on the bus a few minutes later so Stan very loudly whispered/yelled "HEY! that's the guy that writes poems!!" the guy looked back, we looked away, and I pointed out that maybe Stanley should try to not loudly whisper when talking about the surrounding people ;) We soon exited the bus and putting that awkward moment behind us. However when we made it to Haight and Ashbury there he sat with his typewriter ready. I really wanted to ask for a poem ( ! ) Then I thought, LOVE EACH ONE! so I pulled out a business card and some money and we hurried over to him. I explained what Love Each One had done over the last few weeks and asked if he could write us a poem about what love is to him.

He thought for a bit, typed away, handed us the poem, we said our goodbyes and Stan and I continued our exploring.

Here are his thoughts..

send us a poem or letter telling us what you think love is.

Love Each One attn. Ginger
1130 Greensboro Lane/#646
Sarasota, FL, 34234



Kelly Tudor said...

I saw this guy!!! Erica and I went to the farmers market downtown and he was sitting on the street writing poems. Made me think of you and Ging, bc I knew if you were with me, you would have really wanted a poem. I had no money so i didn't ask for a poem but it was a nice moment. And then here you are...with the same guy!!! lol Miss and love you guys!

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