still lovin'

hey! welcome to our blog :)
thanks for still checking us out even though we're no longer traveling... it really means a lot to us!

its me, ginger..... down in FL :)
this is FL love !

I have officially been home for 9 days now.... it feels like an eternity!

and i don't mean that in a bad way! its just that after moving moving moving all the time its kind of weird feeling to stay in one place.

sometimes i think that our tour was just a blur... like it didn't actually happen... but every single day i think about something that i learned over the period of 7 weeks we were traveling. there's no way it was a dream because i see the world in such a different way...... sometimes i'm tempted to ignore everything around me and just do what i wanna do (and honestly... there have been times already that i have) but i know i know I KNOW that is no way to live. People are the important part of life.

showing love definitely looks different here.... i've spent the last 9 days applying for jobs within biking distance of my apartment for next year, reading books, and being home with my family. it can be hard to love them sometimes.... there aren't a lot of places to go and be alone around here.... but they are really important! i've been thinking about how each person has a love language... a certain way that they receive love the most naturally.... it can be through touch, gifts, time, words.... i really want to discover the love languages of the people closest to me so that i can be loving them in a way that they best understand.

i've also been thinking about how being positive is so important. and believe me, i know this is not always easy.... but when we keep a positive and encouraging attitude even when those around us are not we show so much love! also..... patience.

sometimes.... i'm almost positive that love = patience. the end. you know?

so, thats what i'm doing... putting a positive attitude into practice... along with speaking encouraging words and being patient (no matter what).

and believing i will get a job no matter what the economy looks like!



Anonymous said...

Ya, you're tellin' me. That is the biggest lesson i have been learning this summer is just to have patience and an unbelievable positive attitude towards my family.
They see it and wonder why I'm so darn happy all the time. lol It's become a bit of a joke and they call me 'sally sunshine'. Make's me smile even more. haha.
It's tough but when you and your family are living together, they see how you really are and i want them to see Christ so it's a big part of my day to stay joyful and give them as much patience as possible.
<3 Kelly

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