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here is something i received just the other day... thought you might like to read it :)

" I hope you're having a good summer and a good time with your project!! I guess I just wanted to tell you how it really inspired me right now...I was feeling really horrible and insecure about myself after starting a new job..I couldn't sleep cause my mind was still racing, so I got on facebook and saw there was a message about Love Each One, and I read the blog. It was like exactly what I needed..I was so worried about me, whether I'm going to fit in or not at work, why some of my friends haven't texted me back, whatever (see I can't even stop saying "I") and it just made me realize that I should stop worrying about myself and just have love. (Cus that's all you need, right? :) I mean it sounds corny but it's so true! That when I'm worrying about being shy around people I've just met I just need to smile. Or when I'm feeling like nobody cares I just need to put out twice as much caring for others. That it could always be worse and I could always have much much worse things to worry about...... I think it's reallly important for people to continue to show their love, even when things like frustration, anger, insecurities ( :D), etc get in the way..It's so hard to do sometimes but it's something I'm working on getting better at. And also trying to remember that when other people don't seem so friendly or loving that I need to consider that they may be having a bad day too or just broke up with their bf/gf or whatever the case may be. That it's really not anything personal or against you. I think people are quick to assume that (or I am anyways!) "



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