hospital visits

Today was a very lovely day. 

Last night was a night of Wichita, Kansas' very own chicken fried chicken, the LOST finale, and amazing chocolate cake stuff.

Emily B's G-mama had to take a trip the the hospital yesterday (she's doing well now though! :) so today we decided to bring her flowers. The local shelters weren't going to let us volunteer without training and forms. So we decided to take a lot of flowers to
 the hospital with us :D

We wrote little mini letters and stuck business cards in the flowers. After having a lovely discussion with Emily's Gma we ended up leaving most of the flowers at the Guest Services desk to pass out to different guests.

I think one of my favorite things about our travels has been sharing our vision with others. It's awesome to see how excited other people are about what we're doing. We got to talk with Amy and Bob in the hospital and it just made me realize how much I love meeting people. Everyone is so unique. Its fascinating and beautiful.

At one point today I felt like we weren't doing enough. Like OHman we need to do something else! what can we do what can we do!? but I quickly realized that those thoughts are not at all in line with our vision for this trip. This trip is about the individual. Showing love to a person. Stressing the importance of small acts. Encouraging others to do the same.

I like the way Stan said it once: We want to value people. We want people to value people.


(thanks to Ging we have bunches of pretty pictures to show too :)


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