The trip has been amazing. It's only been a few days and i feel like my life has been changed. All the places we've gone to are places I've been before. Its interesting how the mindset we go to a place with changes what happens there. I'm walking the same streets but seeing them in different ways.

Our mindset has been love. Looking for people to help. The people that we've encountered here in Tennessee are changing the way I think.

As we drive along the highway I see every car and I'm trying to think about how that car isn't just a car cluttering the highway. It's a person. It's a mother. It's a son. It's a person with fears, and hopes, and needs, and dreams. Maybe something I do can help them reach their dreams. Maybe something I do can lead them to a Love that could calm their fear.

By the end of this trip I want to stop using the word I. It seems that 90% of my thoughts are about myself. I want to make it the other way around.

In LOVE EACH ONE news, here are our business cards!! :) They are much better than writing the blog name down on scraps of papers like we have had to. The cards feel so nice in the hand. They represent a dream coming into reality. They make me feel like this trip is bigger than us. We are handing them out where ever we can. Every act of love is accompanied by them.

I can't wait to see what the next few days hold. :) <3 Stan


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