day 3&4!!

these last few days have been filled with a lot of learning

Friday we drove 14ish hours to get here to Knoxville, TN and it is beauuutiful! I forgot that real green does not exsit in Florida. the trees and mountains and flowers here are lovely to see :)

today we helped out at True Purpose Recovery Super Thrift Store. True Purpose Recovery is a Christian organization that works with men overcoming different addictions. in the program they study the Bible, work to organize and run a thrift store, and work different construction jobs to make money while in the program. they are doing some great things and helping a lot of guys get free from things that once held them down. Jason and Stan were able to talk with some of the guys there and hear their story. it sounded pretty cool :)

tomorrow we're going to explore the city a bit more and then move over to Nashville monday. I think theres going to be some great opportunities to help there with the flood relief that's going on.

like I said these last few days have been a big learning experience. I've really be reevaluating how I act towards people in my daily life and how I can better show love always.

<3 emilyy


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